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Since 1954

It all started with Earl H. Riggs

Earl H. Riggs laid the foundation of our business in 1954 by selling quality typewriters on High Street SE next to the Elsinore Theater. Since then, the business has been managed successfully by the three generations of the Riggs family.

In 1972, Earl’s son, Dave Riggs, purchased the business and named it The Desk Dealer. Dave’s beautiful caricature always decked the signage and delivery trucks. He made sure that every deal was closed with complete customer satisfaction.

In 1995 came Dave’s son, Greg Riggs, the third generation CEO of the Salem business. With the help from Greg’s wife, Cheryl, an interior designer, the business grew with a manufacture base of over 100 manufacturers.

The business evolved into Total Office Interiors in 2013 and relocated to Salem. Today, the company is involved in healthcare as well as a home furnishing business.

There is a collection of typewriters displayed in the design library to remember the good old days and to cherish the evolution of the business.


Total Office Interiors
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Greg Riggs


Jessica Ransome
Project Coordinator/Sales/Accounting



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